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hey there i'm just a chiptune and dubstep artist that loves making Music and Listening to music, i'm also the founder of FrostSelect i'm also dyxren. for my More Experimental and Happy Stuff

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Posted by DistortedVortex - March 22nd, 2020

well i'm back guys for god knows how long

well you know what Kyle says "PREPARE THE SHIP LADS" as we will be going on a journey inside of my fucked up mind.

Posted by DistortedVortex - September 11th, 2019

The sound of pain and suffering wiil stay with me through my veins.

Giving Zero Fucks will be out in 2 Days on Tsundere Violence

Posted by DistortedVortex - June 6th, 2019

So you guys hated Pandora's Box well let's just say i don't give a fuck it's to show that satan is my bitch now - Distorted

Anyways enough going into my dark and twisted character it's been sometime since i have posted a new post on my account and i understand that you guys didn't liked my Latest Track however i have plans to Upload some Stuff Soon onto Newground like new Songs from Terror and Despair EP, Tracks from my 2nd Project "dyxren." and Tracks from 6 Million Ways EP so even though you guys hated my latest track it's not all doom and gloom


Posted by DistortedVortex - January 12th, 2019

My Album Recovery is out and well it been some time since i've posted something and the album has been out for 5 Days without a Update so RIP me but anyways you can listen to it on all Major Streaming Services except Soundcloud

Why No Soundcloud?

well that's because i decided to move to wave.ac for my music and well i'm liking the quality of how the tracks are being processed on wave.ac so it's time for me to make a change from SoundCloud to wave.ac


Posted by DistortedVortex - December 28th, 2018

ok i'm back for 2019 and this time for real i'm back no bullshit or anything so i've been working on a Album and well all i can say is that it's finished but i'm not releasing it until My B-Day on Feb. 27th as a way to give to my fans and well the Album will be free by then however you probably scratching your head wondering when it's being released on Stores well i'm planning for a Janurary Date probably the 26th because it's 14 days after the dark lord - Remixes and well if you want to get Escaping the Cyberverse and World 3 then well it's still up on bandcamp for free i mean you can listen to it aswell on my soundcloud aswell

Anyways what have i been doing since i was away well i was working on my Label FrostSelect non-stop like holy shit i wasted alot of my time on my label since i'm basically the only one running it but still if you want to send me a Demo then you can do it hereĀ https://exit.sc/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.labelradar.com%2Flabels%2Ffrostselect%2Fprofile and hereĀ https://exit.sc/?url=http%3A%2F%2Flabelfrostselectmusic.label-engine.com%2Fdemos also if you want to help me on my label then just message me on soundcloud or add me on Discord which is Distorted Vortex#8792


Posted by DistortedVortex - April 21st, 2018

well i'm back on newgrounds knowing that alot of stuff has changed i seriously need to get back onto it more anyways my plans is releasing my favourite tracks from my album World 3 onto newgrounds starting today with Fusion Blast

Posted by DistortedVortex - June 12th, 2017

i'm back


Posted by DistortedVortex - October 16th, 2016

so you are wondering why i'm not active on here that much well i've been busy making PSTC2: Battlegrounds and FS005 - Malware Nights which is a complication album where underrated electronic artists are welcome and since is only electronic artists anything like pop or reggae is going to be declined but anyways the previous album FS004 - Enter the VOID had 31 Tracks i was hoping for this album to be bigger then that but anyways if you want to findmy work and FrostSelect Studios then here are the links

DV's Soundcloud Page: https://soundcloud.com/dv-official

FrostSelect's Bandcamp Page: https://fsstudios.bandcamp.com/